Does Changing the AC Filter Make it Colder? - An Expert's Perspective

It's been a hot summer, and that means you've likely turned on your home's air conditioner quite a bit. If your house isn't cooling as well as you'd like, the best first step is also the easiest: check the filter. As an expert in air conditioning, I can tell you that a clean filter is essential for optimal performance. Can a dirty air filter stop your air conditioner from cooling? The answer is yes: a dirty filter can create several problems that can hinder the unit's effectiveness. A clean air filter won't stop air from entering and leaving the unit, but a dirty one will restrict the flow of cold air, causing it to accumulate inside the air conditioning unit and lower the temperature.

Not to mention that a dirty filter can also lead to premature system failure. Experts such as Degree Heating & Cooling recommend changing the filter once a month for best results. A clean filter allows air to circulate freely throughout the system. But if the air filter becomes clogged, dirt will prevent cold air from flowing through the evaporator (cooling coil). If you're asking yourself why your air conditioner is working but not cooling the house, this may be your answer.

As the air conditioning filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, the efficiency of the system plummets, leaving you to pay extra money for lower cooling power. In addition, the air conditioner fan must work even harder than usual, which can lead to internal damage. For best results, change the filter every one to three months on average, but check it once a month during times of high pollen or excess dust. Some people don't change their filters because they're not sure of their location or because they're not sure how to actually change it. Not to mention that when a dirty filter constantly forces the air conditioning system to work overtime, significant wear and tear occurs on the unit. To clean a reusable air filter, you must safely remove it from the air conditioning unit and rinse it in a bathtub or sink with warm water.

Most homeowners tend to forget to change filters until the day their air conditioner stops working. Dirt and dust accumulated in the oven air filter will restrict air flow, causing heat to build up in the heat exchanger. If one of your household members is very allergic to dust, you should replace the air filter more often. When your air conditioner is worn out and suffers constant breakdowns, trust American Home Water and Air for air conditioner repair in Phoenix, Arizona, and we'll make sure to bring your air conditioner back to life and reduce the effects of wear and tear. If your air conditioning system produces warm air instead of refreshing cold air, the main problem could be a dirty filter.

When the filter becomes clogged with a lot of dirt, it prevents cold air from passing through, causing uncomfortable temperatures. If there is excess dirt on the air filter, the air conditioner will work hard to cool the entire room or house. The air conditioning system not only produces hot and cold air for the home, but it also removes moisture from the air.

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