When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Dust and dirt that accumulate around air conditioner vents may be caused by a clogged air filter. If the filter looks gray and dirty, it's time to change it. It's important to take out the air filter and take a look at it at least once every two months. When the filter is clogged with dust and dirt, it can make it even more difficult for the air conditioning system to do its job.

Clogged filters can start to create pressure in the air conditioning system, which can cause external allergens to enter the home. Before analyzing the signs that it's time to change your air filter, it's first important to understand the most common types of filters on the market. Each HVAC air filter is manufactured with four layers of high-quality aluminum and two layers of electrostatic material for superior reliability. This is because the air conditioner unit has to draw large amounts of air through its filter so that it can cool or heat your home. If you notice that the air flow of the heating and cooling system is not as strong as before, there may be a problem with the filter. If you see a lot of dust on walls, furniture, or around ventilation grilles, it's a good idea to check the filter.

As the seasons change in Hope Mills, North Carolina, and you rely less and less on cold gusts from your air conditioner, it's easy to forget that you still need to replace the system's air filter periodically. Another sign that the air filter may need to be changed is a sudden increase in the electricity or electric bill for several months. According to an article published on the InterNACHI website, pet dander is an important indicator that filters need to be changed at least once a month. The air filters in your air conditioning unit filter out all harmful contaminants and pollutants from the air you breathe. Take a look at the white film to see if it has turned gray or black, and the more dirt there is on that sheet, the more likely you will need to change the filter. Filters that work with high efficiency, which translates into a higher percentage of pollutants they remove from the air, will need to be replaced more frequently than an inefficient filter that allows more particles to circulate through the ventilation grilles of your home or commercial facility. If you feel like your house isn't cooling even though the air conditioner is on, it can also be a sign that the air conditioner filter is dirty.

While some filters need to be replaced at least once a month, others need to be changed every three months.

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