The Dangers of an Air Filter Installed the Wrong Way

Installing an air filter in the wrong direction can have serious consequences. Air will struggle to pass through the filter material, causing your air controller to work harder than necessary. This is a waste of energy and can damage the air conditioner or heating system, as well as lead to a decrease in indoor air quality. The filter is designed to capture a large amount of unwanted debris, but only when installed correctly.

If you place the filter upside down, the side that is meant to trap particles will not be facing the air supply. This means that the filter will not be able to do its job properly, leaving dust and other pollutants in the air. This is a major health hazard for all residents, particularly children. You may have an air purifier to help reduce dust levels, but this is only a temporary solution and won't improve your home's overall air quality.

Accumulated dust can make your oven less efficient over time and can also cause decreased efficiency. The most common problem you'll have if you have a poorly installed filter is decreased efficiency. The same thing happens doubly with an air conditioner that has several filters to keep outdoor pollutants out of the indoor air. If there is no instruction sheet, the filter itself would have arrow indicators to indicate the direction of air flow.

Since the filter is designed to be efficient when installed in one direction only, improper installation will make the system inefficient. When the technician arrives at your house, you can watch how they install the filter so that you can do it yourself next time. If your oven is forced to blow air through the non-porous end of a filter, it will need more energy to do so. You can contact experts at MorConnect to ensure that your air filter is always pointing in the right direction.

However, if you're not careful, an incorrectly installed filter can cause quite a few problems in the heating and cooling system. Having a properly installed filter is essential for both your wallet and your family's health. The team will also be happy to install your filters at any time and to teach you how to install them correctly if you want to do it yourself in the future.

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